Mountain Gods

Journal, July 17, 2014

I have had multiple powerful experiences during meditation lately.  Today, while meditating, I felt a connection with the mountain gods above Mount Rainier. The communication went something like this

Mountain Gods – “It was John’s time to join us. His place is with us. He accomplished what he was supposed to accomplish while in his human form and now his soul has moved on. This is his destiny.”

John – “Holly – I love you. I am so sorry for the burdens you must carry now that I am gone. I am at peace now. This is my destiny.”

Me (weeping) – “John – I can feel that you are at peace. Don’t be sorry for my burdens. As this is your destiny, the burdens are part of mine. I face them with strength. This is one of my tests in life. I know I must use this time of grief as an opportunity for transformation. I love you forever.”

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