Every day is a new day

September 26, 2014

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. I watched myself (almost as if I was out of my body) getting sucked into a vortex of darkness and despair. I couldn’t even bring myself to pick my kids up from school (it would have been excruciating, in that state, to face the hallway of happy moms and dads), so I called on others to bring them home. I wept on and off for hours, and when I took my kids to swim class in the evening, all I could do was stare off into space.

Here’s the thing – today is a new day. With every sunrise, I have the chance to start all over – to reach for friends who love me, to hold my children, to meditate on all of the ways that I’m still so fortunate in life, and to celebrate the incredible love that John and I shared for over 10 years before he passed.

Today, I’m having a good day. I continue to celebrate my incredible community that holds me so close. I need you, I cherish you, I lean into you.

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