Bodies found

August 12, 2014


On Friday I was informed by a Mount Rainier Ranger that a US Military training flight had spotted 3 bodies in the fall zone where John’s team perished. I’m only mentioning it now because it hit the media today. Obviously, Friday was a tough day. When I get hit with news like that (and other details I won’t share here), it’s hard to not get totally knocked over. I got basically nothing done that day and mostly played Pearl Jam on repeat and cried. I am thankful for my community who continues to tend to me.

Hiking always helps me. Hiking days are always much better days than the other days. So I hike. Today I went up Granite with a 50lb pack. It was a hot humid day and I was totally soaked with sweat by the time I got to the top. I had a bunch of extra clothes in my pack so I stripped buck naked on the summit, shouted John’s name out to the sky, and got dressed in dry comfy clothes. John would have done it with me if he was here and we would have laughed our asses off. If you think it’s too risqué for me to announce this to the world then I suggest you get off your bum and give it a try yourself. It isn’t worth being depressed all the time. And if the worst happens, should I have to go identify John’s remains, then I will gather the biggest nudist-John’s-name-shouting-hiking crowd I can find and I will do it again.

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