September 6, 2014

John came home to me yesterday, over 3 months after he passed.  His body was eventually spotted when a helicopter flew over the Carbon Glacier.  It was too dangerous for them to get on the ground (constant rock and ice fall), so they borrowed a device (from another air force base) that allowed them to extract his (and 2 other) bodies off the glacier.  The remains of 3 of the climbers from the 6 person team are still missing.

Eventually his ashes will be scattered and distributed in various ways, but for now he is here. Last night, while I held the box, his soul floated in and sat with me. I comforted him and reminded him that he doesn’t need to worry, because all of you are holding us Mullally girls so lovingly. I told him that he truly may rest in peace. John – I love you forever and beyond. I set you free. Rest In Peace.


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